A slim-shaped crankbait pursued with highly responsive action.

  • RUNBBIT[ランビット]
  • RUNBBIT[ランビット]
  • RUNBBIT[ランビット]
  • RUNBBIT[ランビット]
  • 喰わせを意識したスキニーボディを強めのロールを伴ったウォブルで泳がせる。それは過度なアピールを削いだボディデザインとバスを引っ張れる強さとの共存。求めたのはプレッシャーが高いフィールドやカバーがプアなフィールドでも使い勝手が良いクランクベイトです。


    Stimulate bites with a slim profile, it swims with a pronounced wobbling action accompanied by strong roll. It's a coexistence of the body design that minimizes excessive appeal and the strength to lure in predator. The intention was to develop a crankbait that is user-friendly in high-pressure fields and poor cover conditions.

  • Name RUNBBIT
    Length 58mm
    Weight 8.5g
    Type Floating
    Hook DECOY Treble Y-F33F #6
    Price ¥1,800(税別)


  • ボディデザイン




    The sharp head design achieves a rolling motion with a highly responsive retrieval feeling. The tail is not excessively narrowed, preserving the water displacement characteristic unique to crankbait through the wobbling action. The body design with a chunky tail contributes to stable flight posture, enhancing accuracy and casting distance.

  • リップデザイン




    The circuit board lip design, with minimal surface area to ensure evasion performance, achieves a nimble retrieval feel and a high-response action accompanied by flickering flashes.

  • アクション




    During the regular retrieval, the tail generates a robust water-pushing action, while during slow retrieval, frequently employed in low-activity situations, a tight rolling action becomes the focal point, captivating the target.

  • DECOY[トレブルY-F33F]フックを採用




    Fine wire and sharp points, combined with fluorine surface treatment to reduce friction coefficient, achieve outstanding hook-setting performance.

  • ブルーアイ




    The blue eye, inspired by the brand's color, has been incorporated into all models of the lure. This distinctive blue eye will continue to be a prominent feature in all future releases of the lure.




The conditions on the field, such as water color, primary bait, time of day, and pressure, can change rapidly throughout the day. The lineup of colors is compiled to meet the necessity for precise color rotation, allowing seamless adjustment to evolving conditions.

  • #016レッドクローP Red Claw P

    #016レッドクローP Red Claw P

  • #017キンクロH Black Back Gold H

    #017キンクロH Black Back Gold H

  • #018ブライトギルP Bright Gill P

    #018ブライトギルP Bright Gill P

  • #019アースギルP Earth Gill P

    #019アースギルP Earth Gill P

  • #020ブルーバックチャート Blue Back Chart

    #020ブルーバックチャート Blue Back Chart

  • #007ビジブルシャッドG Visible Shad G

    #007ビジブルシャッドG Visible Shad G

  • #021USブリーム US Bream

    #021USブリーム US Bream

  • #022セクシーシャッドMH Sexy Shad MH

    #022セクシーシャッドMH Sexy Shad MH

DAT CONCEPT ~ルアー開発担当 井佐知之より~

私が個人ブランド[MONKEY BRAIN BAITS]でハンドメイドで作っている「DAT」というスキニーシェイプのバルサ製クランクベイトがあります。名前の由来は“脱兎のごとく”の「脱兎」から。その姿カタチや必死に逃げている様子から命名したのですが、それが「RUNBBIT」の命名に大きく関係しています。

There is a skinny shaped balsa crankbait called “DAT”, which I handcraft under my personal brand "MONKEY BRAIN BAITS." The name "DAT" means an “escaping rabbit”. I named it based on its appearance and the unique action it imitates, which influenced the naming of "RUNBBIT."



While redesigning the body for ABS, I've maintained the overall concept of the body profile, especially emphasizing the head and tail designs, which still strongly reflect the lineage of DAT.



DAT has a diving range set to less than 1 meter, while RUNBBIT is configured for the shallow crank range (up to 1.5 meters).
The action inherits characteristics from DAT, featuring a strong roll combined with wobble, and a swift start to the motion, all while maintaining a light retrieving sensation.